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Site Developed for Collecting Data on Changing Shoreline

The MyCoast: New Jersey portal is used to collect and analyze photos of coastal events and places. Photos are linked to data about weather and tides to create reports that help stakeholders like government agencies, business owners, and residents to unders

A portal to help local businessowners, residents, visitors and government better collect information about flooding and changing coastal landscapes. Funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the New Jersey Coastal Management Program, Department of Environmental Protection in partnership with the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve and Rutgers University Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences this application monitors and shares shoreline experiences. 

New Jersey joins several coastal states such as Maryland, Massachusetts, Southern Carolina and New York in developing this project. The portal invites you to take a picture via the mobile app or submit it from your computer. The program's servers retrieve weather and tidal information to add context to the photo. Coastal leaders and groups can make use of the data in their decision making.  NJ My Coast has a variety of online tools used to track flooding across the state, monitoring local tides, documenting coastal places, and sharing flood stories.  To date there are 13290 people registered and 44107 photos submitted. 

The coastal community is encouraged to document tides, storm damage, beach clean ups, abandoned boats and flooding incidents for collective reporting that could lead to long term solutions. To register or find out more regarding the My Coast program and what it means to New Jersey, please visit the website where you can also download the app.