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Regional Chamber Warns of Scam offering to Sell Contact List

The Southern Ocean Chamber alerts members and the public about an email scam offering to sell the organization’s information

scam alert

Several members of the Southern Ocean  Chamber  reported receiving emails including  an automated account from following up to confirm if they are interested in acquiring registrants/attendees/Members list. The email encourages the recipient to respond to find out price for contacts.  The chamber leadership assures that no information was provided to any outside organization and has nothing to do with this solicitation. 

These email scams have been appearing frequently for the past several months claiming  to have conference, membership and contact information from several of the larger business organizations. Trade Show organizers have been reporting the rise of  rogue list brokers since 2017. These unscrupulous practices impact many industry associations and groups that host events. In almost  every case, these scammers do not represent the associations or events whose lists they claim to be selling.

There are many companies that are sending out phishing emails trying to secure credit card, banking or pertinent business information. If anyone receives an email or call to action regarding the 110 year chamber that is questionable, they can contact the office directly by calling 609 494 7211. Please do not respond to an email that does not seem legitimate for any organization or business.  Email scams for business registration, docu sign and contact lists have been causing concern and need to be vetted before any critical information is shared. 

The Southern Ocean Chamber keeps their lists secure and has never sold any information, they ask that anyone who receives the email to mark it as spam or delete.