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Food Service Businesses Have Extension for Certain Foam Containers

NJDEP Announces Polystyrene Foam Food Service Product Exemption Extension

According to a recent announcement from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, food service businesses should be aware of the recent extension granted for certain polystyrene foam food service product exemptions. The NJDEP has extended the exemption for specific items until May 4, 2025. This includes meat and fish trays for refrigerated raw or butchered meats, including poultry and fish, as well as pre-packaged food products like egg cartons, ice cream, and noodles in polystyrene cups. 

Since May 2022, the law prohibits all persons and food service businesses from selling/offering for sale any polystyrene foam food service product and prohibits all food service businesses from selling/providing any food served in a polystyrene foam food service product. The manufactures are currently working to source alternative packaging or are in research and development to create compliant alternatives that still maintain the integrity of their product. These manufactures seek to remain in compliance with the Law, however, they are seeking additional time to achieve compliance. The Department will not be extending the exemption for the following previously exempted items:  Disposable, long-handled polystyrene foam soda spoons when required and used for thick drinks; and Portion cups of two ounces or less, if used for hot foods or foods requiring lids. Questions on these extensions can be directed to Julia Rossi at

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