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Celebrate National Ice Cream Month

Enjoy the taste of summer this July by supporting local ice cream shops!

Ice Cream Month


This July is National Ice Cream Month, and even though the country has been celebrating this delicious desert since 1984; nothing is better than ice cream at the beach! The tradition of going for ice cream continues to bring generations together, gathers friends and even cools off your pup. National Ice Cream Month gives four weeks to visit your top shop and explore new ones. For regional favorites, check out our Find your Favorite Cone directory! 

 Here are just a few fun facts about ice cream in the United States. It’s clear that this frozen treat has a long history and continues to be a favorite in the USA:

  • Around 50% of the volume of ice cream is air, which gives it a light texture
  • The first ice cream truck vendor in the U.S. was Harry Burt who started his business in 1920
  • George Washington may have been the nation’s first insatiable ice cream eater. Reports indicate he spent some $200 for ice cream during the summer of 1790
  • Thomas Jefferson wrote down 18-step instructions for a special ice cream concoction, which is the first known ice cream recipe recorded by an American
  • The average American eats roughly 20 pounds of ice cream each year, or about 4 gallons


If you need ideas on how to take your tasting to the next level try some of these activities:

  • Host an ice cream party - Add some post sun fun to your next picnic, BBQ or Movie Night by creating an ice cream bar!  Pick up different flavors of ice cream and ask your guests to bring their favorite toppings.
  • Try Specialty Flavors- Venture away from that go to and dive into recommended or special ingredient menu items. There could be some pleasant surprises waiting for you in your next order.
  • Mix & Match - Sometimes ice cream creations are more than toppings, from creamy cakes, sandwiches or custom pints. Sample some signature shop items to get you out of the cone zone.

 Many ice cream shops now offer options that cater to various dietary restrictions,  giving even more reason to enjoy July.