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Broadcast + Podcast Brings Coastal Businesses On Air

From FM to Apple Catch Up on the Regional Conversation

LBI Region Report Hosts

Started immediately after Super Storm Sandy, this award winning FM Broadcast has hosted hundreds of guests over its ten year tenure. When the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce met with WBNJ FM radio to produce a show that would reach consumers and businesses to discuss rebuilding and recovery on a platform that had the strongest range. “At that time there was power outages, internet and phone lines were all down”, recalls Lori Pepenella, CEO of the Southern Ocean Chamber. The LBI Region Report began November 2012, and has been on air each week,  talking to non-profits, local and state officials, highlighting businesses within the Southern Ocean County footprint. The show airs every Monday at 9am and encores at 6pm. It also streams on Spreaker as a popular podcast available on all mobile devices.  It has been hosted by Southern Ocean County Chamber CEO Lori Pepenella and WBNJ show producer Bill Clanton Jr since that first broadcast. Each week upcoming events, business news and local stories are shared to an audience  over 26,000 that listens through 91.9FM  radio, as well as additional listeners who catch the show through streaming .

 The program won a Jersey Strong Tourism Award for program launch during the Sandy at the New Jersey Tourism Conference held in Atlantic City in 2013.  Moving the program to be recorded remotely, the LBI Region Report was on air each week during the lock-down and pandemic reopening continuing the tradition of being the voice of the regional business community during crisis. Even though recording during storm recovery was crucial, the 2020 pandemic lock down expanded the audience reach while providing  listeners with need to know information. Weekly content on how to get in touch with businesses, restaurants, testings, government programs, webinars and eventual reopening's happening throughout the next year.

From DOT updates, behind the scene event planning, on air interviews from the business and community leaders, to live like a local tips, find this summer's podcasts here!


Photo features Lori Pepenella, William Clanton Jr, and NJ  Motion Picture & Television Commission